ADHD BRAIN BALANCE- Treatment program for kids that are suffering with ADHD, ADD. Learning Disabilities, and SPECTRUM kids. Program helps get kids off medications and learn how to treat naturally using the proven program of Dr. Melillo in “ Disconnected Kids”.  Chiropractic adjustments, brain coach, and nutritional changes help correct the brain imbalance in these kids.

Brain Balance

CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS- Diversified spinal adjustments to correct the spine. Subluxations- which are spinal malalignments, prevent the proper communication of the nerve signals down the nerve pathways.  We specialize in the detection and correction of subluxations of the spine.  Kids need chiropractic too.  We offer pediatric adjusting also.


MASSAGE- deep tissue massage is included as part of the spinal adjustment. A type of massage called NIMMO is utilized for quickly relieving muscle pain.  A muscle balm is applied, China Gel- analgesic cream helps to vasodilate the blood vessels for instant relief of muscle spasm.


INTERFERENTIAL THERAPY- electric muscle stimulation with the Dynatron is used to block pain signals to the muscles. The electric stim acts to reduce spasm and inflammation of the muscle fibers.  This physical therapy helps to speed recovery from sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents.

INTERSEGMENTAL TRACTION- the intersegmental traction machine is a therapy that mobilizes the spine. A gentle rolling action moves and lubricates the spinal disc. IST traction table is utilized before the chiropractic adjustment to relax the muscles and hydrate the disc before the adjustment.

Intersegmental Traction

WEIGHT LOSS- weight loss counseling is provided as part of the treatment plan. Two programs are available to patients.  One is self- directed with the Eat Right 4 Your Type diet (Blood type diet).  The other is a program directed by a Coach and offers meal replacement.

Weight Loss

NUTRITION- nutritional guidance is provided as part of the treatment plan. Advice on supplements based on treatment goals and overall objective.  Ortho Molecular Brand and Designs for Health brand are the two nutritional companies that we recommend.  We can help with arthritis, GI problems, skin, heart, diabetes, and many other conditions.

PERSONAL TRAINING- access to professional personal trainers through Finney’s All N1 Health club. All of the trainers at Finney’s are certified trainers.  Regardless of your fitness goals, there is a trainer that would be a great match for you. Strength training, agility, balance, cardio, weight loss.

personal training

DIAGNOSTICS- Thermal Scan, sEMG, Heart Rate Variability Tests are available on site. X-Ray, MRI, CAT scan are available off site.  New technology allows for accurate assessment of the Motor Nerve System and Autonomic Nerve System.  Find out your NSFI#- Neuro Spinal Functional Index.  Determines overall functionality of the Nerve System.


ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE TRAINING- program designed to maximize performance on and off the field. Specialized chiropractic adjustments to increase range of motion in the spine combined with strength training for explosive dynamic movements in your sport of choice.  We have trained athletes in golf, MMA, boxing, cycling, hockey, baseball, basketball, tennis, softball, volleyball, and running.

Athletic performance

SCHOOL PHYSICALS- school physical for sports or entrance into school programs.  Minimal fee of $35 covers the entire physical exam.  Lindbergh school district, Parkway, and all other districts and sports leagues accept this comprehensive exam.

PERSONAL INJURY-MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS- specialized treatment for motor vehicle accidents is available. Detailed documentation and personalized care helps to quickly return someone to health.  We will work with your attorney or car insurance on a lien basis.  Accurate diagnostics and state of the art treatments help to ensure complete recovery from any type of accident.

Personal Injury

ELDER CARE-OSTEOSTRONG- program designed to help prevent falls and fractures due to poor balance and brittle bones. Comprehensive program stressing bone density through weight bearing exercises.  Balance and coordination improvements through specific exercises intended to stimulate proprioception to joints and cerebellum.

Elder Care

WELLNESS PROGRAM- program of regular chiropractic adjustments to keep the spine and nervous system balanced and tuned. Spinal and muscle tone improves with regular adjustments.  Brain health and GI health also improve with regular treatments.  Discounted pricing keeps treatments affordable for the entire family. See Total Body Wellness Club.