Total Body Wellness Club

Welcome to the Total Body Wellness Club!

We created this club to allow practice members to continue their journey to better health.  We have found that membership in this program allows members greater access to wellness care.  It also provides members a more cost effective way to stay well and avoid a relapse in their original condition.

There are 3 types of Memberships available:

Individual-$160 per month
Couples (2)-$280 per month
Family (3+)-$340 per month

These memberships allow up to 1 session per week.
We request you make a one year commitment to yourself to take your health to the next level.  After that, you can cancel at anytime.  Just notify us in writing one month prior to canceling.

By being a member of this club, you will enjoy great benefits.  You can reserve your specific time slot and have it reserved for you across the board, or you can just call on your way to the office and we will accommodate you ASAP when you arrive.  Additionally, you can breeze by the front desk on the way out since you have already paid.  This program makes wellness care very affordable and convenient.

If you become injured in an auto accident or a work related accident where an insurance company is to be billed, your membership will be suspended until after your treatment is completed for those injuries.  We will resume your club membership after you’ve been released from care for those injuries.

If you enjoy the therapeutic modalities we have in the office such as moist heat, intersegmental traction, or electric stimulation, we offer those treatments at a discounted rate of just $15 per visit.  Additionally, we will discount your scans we do with the Insight Subluxation Station.

The Total Body Wellness Club allows you to take charge of your health. Congratulations on making a commitment to yourself and your family.  We look forward to serving you and your family and friends for many years to come and feel honored to be your partner in health!