Your First Visit


Friendliness, compassion, attention to detail and professionalism greet every new patient at the office of Dr. David Lask. His Crestwood chiropractic office is bright, welcoming and gives you the feeling that your issues will be addressed with skill and the latest state-of-the-art treatment. Dr. Lask invested in special diagnostic equipment from CLA that includes sEMG, surface electromyography, thermal scans, and HRV, heart rate variability. The data collected uses a computer algorithm to calculate your overall efficiency of your nervous system. A number we call your NSFI #- neuro spinal functional index. It’s like knowing your cholesterol number, but for your nervous system. Dr. Lask prides himself as being a great listener, so during the initial consultation he will ask the questions that will assist him in customizing the correct solution for you and your problem. If Dr. Lask feels he can help you, then he will set up a complete treatment plan to get you out of pain, but also to stabilize your spine.webpic-3

Following your initial assessment, Dr. Lask will perform a report of findings and go over all of your tests including x-rays, scans, orthopedic and neurologic tests. Only after these steps, will Dr. Lask begin treatment. Dr. Lask will continually evaluate your progress, making changes to your treatment as necessary.

Dr. Lask is always available to his patients for questions by phone or e-mail. Your ultimate care is his top priority.