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Our Location

Visit us at 9744 Watson Road in Crestwood, Missouri.  We are housed inside Finney's.


Meet Dr. Lask

For over two decades, Dr. David Lask has been a leading figure in chiropractic care, establishing his practice in 1997. At Ask Dr. Lask Wellness Center, he seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with heartfelt compassion to offer patients a holistic path to well-being. Dr. Lask's specialized expertise includes advanced training in extremity adjusting, deep neuromuscular massage therapy, and nutrition. This allows him to create precise, individualized care plans that cater to each patient's distinct chiropractic needs. With an unwavering commitment to natural healing and optimum health, Dr. Lask continues to be a trailblazer in the realm of chiropractic care, enriching lives along the way.

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Monday 9am-12pm 2pm-6pm
Tuesday 3pm-7pm
Wednesday 9am-12pm 2pm-6pm
Thursday Closed
Friday 9am-12pm
Saturday By Appointment Only
Sunday Closed

The Today Show


Dr. Lask recently collaborated on an article for the Today Show!  Read the full article about being a side sleeper here.

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Newsweek Article Quoting Dr. Lask

Dr. David Lask was quoted by Newsweek about the relationship between chores and back pain.  "There are some chores around the house that may help contribute to getting back pain."  He explained that a "repeated bending and twisting" movement, which many house chores tend to involve, is "stressful to the lumbar spine."  Performed with an added load, this movement is "especially hard on the back".

Click here to read the entire article.